Sunrise in Coutts, blue and pink.

Pots, Ponytails and Popeye.

Today  was a beautiful day. The sunrise has moved along the horizon so can see it again from my living-room window. This morning I watched the sun come up on a day that warmed up to fourteen glorious degrees Celsius, or about 60 Fahrenheit.  We live in Coutts, as far south in Alberta as you can get ad still be in Alberta. However it is  Alberta and it is January,  and temps in the teens is wonderful gift.  I left the studio early this afternoon so Jim and could go for a walk. A walk without cold, wind, ice, coats, hat or a scarf. Just a lovely walk in the warm sun in our shirtsleeves. It felt good to be out and about.

This morning we shot the next in our blog series, Episode Nine, and how to throw a casserole. Yesterday we shot Episode Eight.

Until next time.

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