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Video blogging is easier than writing a blog.

I try to write a blog. I see things that are funny or interesting and I want to share it here. However, as you  from the frequency of my entries, I’m not that good at finding the time, or making the time to talk about my day.  I have added a couple of video blogs. It’s fun and a lot easier to stand and talk than sit and type.





We will unload the kiln today and I will post the results here.

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Details of Couttsgrass colours

New Glaze, Old Glaze

Five Mugs Glazed in Couttsgrass
Mugs glazed in Couttsgrass

I have been using the same glazes for about a decade. Playing with glazes and discovering new colours and textures has never been my strong suit. It has never really caught my interest as much as it should. But then, how much should it? We all have our areas of interest. That’s what makes us the potters we are.  I have always had cool glazes….. I think. I combined two glazes I have used together for years, but in a whole new way, and voila…..

The new glaze “Couttsgrass”

Facevase in Couttsgrass.


Details of Couttsgrass colours

Close up to show all the colours of the new glaze.

Face details
Details of the face.


It is a busy time of year. We have a new venue, Galleria Inglewood in Calgary. It is a wonderful store, and they will take as much pottery as I can send them. They sell a lot of pots. They don’t have me on the website yet, but they have been very busy. As I said, it is a busy time of year. I have a few local Christmas Craft shows coming up. Pot production is in full swing.

Gotta get to work.

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