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Aging 101.

My Mom had her 101st birthday last week. Mother was 45 when I was born and have been watching aging first hand for a long time. She is in an extended care home, confined to a wheel chair and hasn’t walked in years. Mom suffers from dementia and lives a in half  of a hospital like room with another lady that is not as infirm, but everyone there is there for a reason. Spending the last four days visiting Mom, others in the home and the staff, Lesson #1 in Aging 101, is that aging is not for wimps.

Lesson #2 be happy. Make whatever choices you have to make to ensure that you have a life that makes you happy. Happy where it counts, in the pit in of your stomach where all the true answers are. Don’t make choices motivated by fear, money, comfort, what others think, or any other reason. Make choices  you honestly think that are best for you. Not easy to do, but as we learned in Lesson #1, aging is not for wimps.

Lesson #3, Work, it is imperative to healthy and happy aging. It keeps our sense of self worth and ego. Wake up everyday with a purpose. If you don’t have one, get one. Make lists that are far to long to finish in one day. Doesn’t have to be a “job” in the traditional sense, but work. Find a way to keep your body and mind moving and fit. It’s easy to slide into a slow and lazy life, again, we can apply Lesson #1 here.

Lesson #4, Don’t take life personally. That often is a tough one.

Lesson #5, Don’t life too seriously, no one ever gets out alive.

Lesson#6, Make your own lesson plan.

It was an interesting week, seeing my Mother and sisters. Mother is 101 and us sisters are not getting any younger either. As I have watched Mom age, if have watched us girls getting older too. We have all aged very differently and our lives have few  similarities. I have two sisters and they have the responsibility of Mom and I only get down there when I can.  It was good to get together, but at the same time, it was an education in aging. Aging 101.

Happy Birthday Mom
Happy Birthday Mom

I found this video after I posted, but just had to add it! It made me happy to do so.

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