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Let there be pots.

I have been making some pots and put a few loads through. It feel good to be back at the wheel.  All the orders have been filled and I am now just making pots.  I had a load of Prairies come out last week. A shelf of Prairies glazed pots.    A shelf of Prairies glazed pots.


It was a good load, but I am finding it hard to find someone to sell my pots too. I had hoped to find a client in Waterton Lake National Park, as it is only a couple of hours from here, and I would deliver, but they pretty much close down for the winter.

I tried to get my foot in the door in Lethbridge, but the locals potters have that market filled.  I have tied to get some interest in ” the funky stuff” ,  but I haven’t found anyone interested in the fun or the funky. A group of grumpy looking pots. A Face Jug.

They are fun to make, but they really do  need a home.

“Art is not art until it is sold, until then its  just an obsession and a storage problem.”  (Anonymous)

I have signed up for a few local craft fairs for the Christmas market, but for the first time in a long time, I have pots and no customers. It has always been the other way around.

I have a bisque load firing tonight, and by the weekend, I will have another kiln load of pots.  I am going to have to find a few customers soon, or I will have a storage problem.

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